Jung & Astrology

Dr. Carl Jung Accepts Astrology

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Carl G. Jung, the founder of analytical psychology and perhaps the most famous psychologist living, has bravely confessed his faith in astrology.

He makes the announcement in an important letter which he has sent to the Editor of the Indian Astrological Magazine.

Dr. Jung writes: “I can tell you that I’ve been interested in this particular activity of the human mind since more than 30 years.

“As I am a psychologist, I’m chiefly inter­ested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character.

“In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.

“From such experiences I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call “projected” – this means that we find the psychological facts, as it were, in the constellations. This originally gave rise to the idea that these factors derive from the stars, whereas they are merely in a relation of synchronicity with them. I admit that this is a very curious fact which throws a peculiar light on the structure of the human mind.

“What I miss in astrological literature is chiefly the statistical method by which certain fundamental facts could be scientifically established.”

(Signed) C. G. JUNG.
[Unsigned article, possibly an editorial comment, Prediction (UK), March 1948.]


One thought on “Jung & Astrology

  1. What’s the point of this piece? To show that even very smart and well-educated people sometimes do incredibly stupid things?

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